Case Studies

Maziak has extensive experience in providing bespoke and well-rounded compressed air and nitrogen generation solutions for a range of applications, including helping to implement improvements. Browse our case studies and see how Maziak can help you and your business.


Coming in from the cold - solving compressed air quality issues
Grated cheese just got greater
"Wave" goodbye to high inert gas costs in your soldering process
New factory installation not to be sneezed at
Peace and Quiet as well as Peace of Mind in the Dentist’s Chair!
Q: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? A: To Reduce its Nitrogen Gas Costs by up to 80%
Hello (Salve) new N2 gas generation system, goodbye (addio) prohibitive costs
High street retailer chooses Maziak for major project works
Large air volumes and extreme reliability are keys to success
A challenging pipework configuration and precision cooling
Pulling out the stops to get it all bottled up
Quality and Size matter - small but crucial role
Air kisses and the show goes on
More Air—More Reliability—More Control—Less Cost
Concealed compressor and pristine pipework
Generating food quality nitrogen gas in a nutshell
Out with the old, in with the new for energy and service savings
An expert brew of improved energy, efficiency and reliability
Collaborative partnership ensures reliability and fosters trust
Seamlessly advancing design & technology
Nitrogen gas generation is taking off
Buying bulk? Let the new generation take over
Getting a slice of the action
Lightweight Containers—PET keg production expands into the UK
Hopping along nicely
We've got the POWER to reduce nitrogen gas costs
Be selective to reduce cost, improve safety and increase reliability
Make your own N2 gives make your own food company a competitive advantage
Savour the mouth-watering benefits of on-demand N2 gas generation
Bottling up those cost reductions and enhanced site safety
Safety solution also provides cost saving benefits and great ROI
Airbox Plug & Play Solutions - Air and Nitrogen
Relationship & Quality Product = Trust
Nitrogen Generation Beats Bulk Storage Option
Self Contained Compressor System with Minimal Install Time
N2 Airbox Replaces Bulk Storage & Eases Expansion