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What is compressed air?


Compressed air is air that is kept under pressure that is greater than the atmospheric pressure. When the compressed air then gets released from its storage vessel, rapid expansion takes place due to the pressure difference between itself and pressure of the surrounding atmosphere. This energy can be harnessed and used for a range of purposes such as powering pneumatic tools, and various pneumatic machinery operations.

A great advantage of compressed air is that the energy which gets released during compression is equal to the energy required for air to be compressed in the first place, which means that this energy can be stored for future use.

Maziak’s history with compressed air


Maziak are industry experts in the distribution of compressor air systems. Owned by Atlas Copco since May 2023, our products are cutting-edge in terms of reliability, energy efficiency, lifetime cost of ownership and breadth of range. Having been around since 1958, we also have experience working with many compressor brands and we apply our own specialised knowledge to provide our customers with the right solution for their application. 

What our customers had to say


“By digging deeper and looking beyond the obvious machine changes that were needed, Maziak have been able to offer us a more intelligent solution which has delivered both cost savings and operational efficiencies."

“It has been a pleasure to work with Maziak on this project. At each stage, when a plan was laid out it was executed with almost military precision. I would welcome the opportunity to work with your team in the future.”

“Maziak’s state of the art system has delivered significant energy savings. It has also greatly improved air quality, delivery and stable output, ensuring we continue to achieve compliance with our stringent industry regulations.”

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