Free Coolers

Providing energy savings to chiller systems

We can provide a wide range of Free Coolers, investigating and advising on the best solution for your application.

Free cooling utilises external ambient temperatures to reduce the need for using a chiller on a process cooling application. This saves energy and improves the carbon footprint of a chilled water system. When ambient air temperatures are below the water return temperature, the free cooler can start to provide partial free cooling and depending upon how efficient it is sized, it can provide 100% free cooling in ‘dry’ bulb ambient air temperatures of just 3°C below the water supply temperature. Depending upon your process temperature requirements, this can typically ensure that your chiller is partially or fully offloaded for up to 90% of the year. This has the added advantage of ensuring that your chiller is not overstressed and only takes over the full cooling requirements at the hottest times of the year, improving the system resilience and the lifespan of the chiller.

All free coolers come with 3-way control valves, ambient and water temperature sensors connected into an integral control panel to provide accurate control and ease of installation. We can provide free cooling packages as a retrofit to an existing system, or as part of a new cooling system.

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Free Coolers