Updating GA FLX To VSD

The GA FLX, as far as dual-speed air compressors go, is impressive in regards to energy savings- of which up to 20% can be achieved- but there is no denying that a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressor is the best in the game. The VSD allows you to match motor speed to meet air demand which means shorter production times and less energy waste.

The GA FLX can be upgraded to VSD Machine through a series of simple steps, which we go through below in some detail.


Step 1: Energy Consumption Analysis

Once you have operated your GA FLX for 1000 hours, an energy consumption analysis is automatically carried out. The analysis report can be accessed on your Elektronikon controller and will include a calculation of how much more you can be saving by switching over to VSD. The analysis is based on the actual operation of your GA FLX Compressor rather than on average savings or other data and so should be regarded as accurate.

Step 2: One-Click Method

When you are ready for the upgrade, you need only sign up for a license by using the QR code on the Elecktronikon display or the contact button in your SMARTLINK app. After this, the VSD upgrade will be executed remotely and securely and no service intervention is required. If you would however prefer an on-site visit be conducted by one of our service technicians, this can be arranged for you.

Step 3: The Benefits

This is less of a step and more of what to expect once you make the upgrade. Since VSD technology matches the motor speed of your GA FLX to meet air demand, you can eliminate transient and unload losses that take place during use of your air compressor. Upgrading to VSD makes a huge difference in how quickly and efficiently you are able to meet your sustainability goals. If you are interested in finding out more about the VSD upgrade get in touch with a member of our team who would be happy to help.

For more information, please call 01933 222000 or email us at enquiries@maziak.co.uk

Updating GA FLX To VSD