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The most common use for Nitrogen in a scientific or laboratory setting is to control and maintain highly specific atmospheric conditions. Thanks to its inert nature, it provides a completely unreactive atmosphere and can help to control oxygen levels, humidity, and temperature. This creates an ideal solution for work that is dependent on specific environmental parameters.

As a gas, Nitrogen is extremely cold and can quickly cool down anything it comes into contact with. It is often used as a refrigerant in both a gaseous and liquid form. Many types of scientific research require a cold environment to work, and some equipment will only operate at peak efficiency at a low temperature. For example, Nitrogen is often used to maintain a cold temperature for incubators used in IVF treatment and cell research.

Maziak has supplied effective nitrogen gas solutions for numerous clients for scientific purposes or in a laboratory setting, and our effective on-site nitrogen generation systems safely offer many advantages and opportunities for further research and development.

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Scientific & Laboratory