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Nitrogen gas is commonly used in the process of laser cutting in two key ways, as it offers numerous benefits when cutting metals including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Firstly, Nitrogen can be used as an assist gas to prevent oxidation of metals, which occurs due to the application of heat in the presence of oxygen. This can cause discolouration and can affect the appearance and operation of the finished product. Due to its complete lack of oxygen, nitrogen gas prevents this process from occurring.  Secondly, Nitrogen is effectively used to protect the laser beam path from and dirt and debris building up. Nitrogen is oil-free, clean, dry, and has a low contaminant content, making it the ideal gas used to purge the beam guide, alongside its various lenses and mirrors. This ensures the intensity and power of the laser is maintained.

Maziak has supplied effective nitrogen gas solutions for numerous clients for use in the laser cutting process, and on-site nitrogen generation offers many advantages and opportunities for further business growth and development. 

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Laser Cutting