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Energy-saving solutions at your fingertips in Northamptonshire and the East Midlands

Not all compressed air systems are fault-free, and inefficient systems can result in wasted energy and time. At Maziak, we offer comprehensive and impartial audits and surveys to highlight areas for improvement within your air system, saving energy and costs.  

Here are just a few examples of how we have done just that for some of our customers:

  • Correcting issues with control gaps and machine utilisation through a central controller and fibre optic cable has saved 45% of annual running costs for one customer and they now use 3, not 7 machines.We’ve saved many customers many pounds by switching to a variable speed unit. Savings and speedy payback are considerable for 5.5 to 15 kW machines
  • For every 1 bar a pressure system is lowered, a 7% energy saving is made. Uncovering excessive pressure through our datalogs has delivered significant energy savings to several customers.
  • Utilising the waste heat from air compressors to pre-heat the hot water tank in lieu of running the gas boiler has been a simple but highly effective solution for some of our customers.
  • Using low external temperatures to assist in chilling water (free cooling) reduces chiller use, saves energy and improves the carbon footprint of the chilled water system for our customers. Good for the pocket and the environment.
  • Many customers have drastically reduced energy costs and regained control with a nitrogen gas generation system. They produce what they need to the quality they require. Food grade nitrogen can also help mitigate CO2 shortages.

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