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Proactive and innovative control technology in Northamptonshire and the East Midlands

At Maziak, we understand that no matter how advanced your industrial compressed air system is, without a suitable compressor controller, your investment can be wasted. With over 60 years of industry experience, Maziak are the experts in the supply and integration of air compressor control technology for all makes of air compressor.

With the Optimizer 4.0, it's all about efficiency, reliability and connectivity.  You can optimise the operation of your compressed air and blower system while set pressure and flow are being met which maximises energy savings and keeps the units in good running condition with a proactive approach to maintenance through online monitoring. 

Here are some advantages:

  • Multiple units installation run with optimum pressure or flow band while prioritizing machines that will have more efficient combination. Realize the full energy saving potential of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) units. This central controller regulates the VSD to cope with varying demand, while avoiding fixed speed machines to run unload whenever possible.
  • When you combine multiple units with the Optimizer 4.0, the load will be distributed evenly among your compressors and blowers, hence equalizing their running hours. Therefore, planning and operation of the preventive maintenance can be done accordingly. Compressors and blowers operating with Atlas Copco’s central controller will have less load/unload cycles and will operate at the lowest possible pressure/flow to extended the lifetime of your machines.
  • Management of facilities nowadays always involves remote monitoring and control. In the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), machines should be able to send information which can be analyzed by the system and the people who manage the units. This is only possible if your machines are connected. The Optimizer 4.0 is the solution to connect your compressors, blowers and dryers to be monitored and analyzed through Local Area Network (LAN) or via a cloud-based monitoring system. There are various ways to be connected and to monitor the performance of your air system.

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Control Technology