Energy Audit

Reducing wasted energy and improving efficiency

Research suggests that up to 30% of an air compressor's output is wasted due to inefficient systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Maziak offers a complete Compressor Plant and System Energy Efficiency Audit to help recognise areas where energy is wasted within your air compressor system.

A Maziak audit is completely non-invasive, requires no costly downtime, and is usually completed in 7-10 days. Undertaking a visual survey of the installation and distribution of your air system, alongside monitoring air pressure trends, system efficiency, and compressor plant energy, enables our team to recognise areas for improvement. Maziak will provide a full analysis and results report with recommendations and creative solutions that often cost little to implement. Clients have seen savings of up to 25% after carrying out Maziak energy audit recommendations.

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Energy Audit

Energy Saving