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Maziak, in partnership with leading manufacturer Parker, supply and fit Hyperchill Plus Process Water Chillers. Consistently ensuring accurate water temperature control, these industrial water chillers combine intelligent design with technological capability. The Hyperchill Plus range of chillers are fully adaptable, and each unit undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and efficiency.

Hyperchill Plus chillers are available with either an air-cooled configuration or water-cooled configuration, and utilise an integrated evaporator within the tank, a compliant scroll compressor, and a cutting-edge microprocessor controller. These water chillers offer the lowest energy consumption values in the industrial water chillers market, and thanks to their compact and easy-to-use system, these water chillers are suitable for any space, industry, and environment.

All models will accept, as standard, water inlet temperatures up to 30°C and outlet temperatures down to 0°C, with a delta T of up to 15°C. Ambient temperatures up to 45°C and down to -20°C are permitted. The range covers cooling capacities from 2 through to 760kW.

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Cooling Solutions

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