Adiabatic Coolers

Energy and space saving adiabatic cooling

Maziak works with leading designers and manufacturers of Adiabatic Coolers and can help you find the right solution for your operation.

Adiabatic coolers work in much the same way as a dry air cooler for most of the year, but they also come fitted with an adiabatic spray system that is the final stage of cooling that is only employed during the hottest times of the year.

This final stage of cooling works by water being sprayed into the air stream, as the air is drawn across the coil by the fans. The sprayed water evaporates into the air stream and thus cools the air before it passes over the coil and so enables a greater cooling effect on the coil. This enables the cooler to cool the media (generally a water/glycol solution) to within 5°C of the wet bulb ambient temperature. The water that is used for this is direct from the mains supply and is not recirculated like in a cooling tower.

Another benefit of using an adiabatic cooler over a dry air cooler is that due to the efficiencies of the adiabatic system, the unit is typically of a smaller footprint which can assist when space is at a premium. We can also provide the same cooler orientations and options as our dry air cooler range.

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Adiabatic Coolers