Food production facility outgrows their compressed air system

The Challenge

The plant had exceeded the capacity of its existing compressed air equipment, leading to inefficiencies in production and potentially compromising product quality in the food production facility. Data logging confirmed that the compressor was unable to meet the increased demand, and the site required additional capacity beyond the manufacturer's specifications to ensure smooth operations while adhering to ISO standards for compressed air quality.

The Solution

We proposed a comprehensive solution to address the plant's compressed air needs. Recognising the importance of maintaining food-grade air quality, we recommended equipment tailored to meet ISO standards, including a variable-speed compressor and desiccant dryer. Our solution factored in not only the required airflow but also considerations such as future capacity needs and the necessity for a desiccant dryer purge in usage calculations.

The Result

The implemented solution exceeded expectations, providing the plant with ample compressed air capacity while ensuring adherence to ISO standards for contact compressed air. By installing Atlas Copco GA22 VSDs with food-grade oil, along with a CD85+ Cerades Desiccant Dryer and appropriate filtration systems, we achieved a maximum flow rate of 66.58 l/s, surpassing the required 53.3 l/s. The 22kW variable speed compressor operated efficiently, running at 80% of its maximum speed, optimising energy usage. With the addition of two 900ltr Galv Air Receivers and high-efficiency filtration, the plant now enjoys a reliable compressed air supply, enhancing productivity and product quality in its food production processes.