Dry Air Coolers/Air Blast Coolers

Energy efficient ambient cooling

How do dry air coolers work?

At Maziak, we provide a wide range of dry air coolers, also known as air blast coolers. Our dry coolers operate through the means of convection and use of ambient air.

The ambient airflow is produced by fans, and as the air passes over the surface of heat exchanger tube. The cooler ambient air causes the heat from the tubes to rise, cooling the fluid in the heat exchanger tubes in the process.

Single units can provide capacities from 5kW to 4,000kW, with supply temperatures as close to a 3°C approach of the ‘dry’ bulb ambient temperature which can be ideal for various processes such as hydraulic motor, engine test cell, or furnace cooling.


Dry air cooler applications

Dry air coolers make an ideal cooling solution for industries where water conservation is paramount. Common applications include industrial processes, HVAC systems and refrigeration systems.

Other uses of dry air coolers, also known as air blast coolers, include natural gas compression, mining operations and CHP systems.


The Maziak promise

Our dry air coolers, also known as air blast coolers, have been developed with energy efficiency and reliability in mind and utilise the latest heat exchange coil, fan and control technologies.

The versatility of this cooling solution makes them a preferred choice for many environments. We are on hand to investigate and advice on various orientations such as horizontal, vertical, V or half V depending on what best suits your location. We can also advise on further options such as control panels and pump/tank packages.

You might find that cooling towers or an adiabatic cooler is better suited to your needs. Read about these other cooling solutions on our website and get in touch using the contact information below if you want to discuss your needs with a member of our team.


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Dry Air Coolers/Air Blast Coolers