Dry Air Coolers/Air Blast Coolers

Energy efficient ambient cooling

Here at Maziak, we provide a wide range of dry air coolers, also known as air blast coolers. Our dry coolers act as highly efficient heat exchange cooling systems, offering the use of convection and conduction using fans to pass ambient air over an extended surface heat exchanger which in turn cools the fluid within the heat exchanger tubes.

Single units can provide capacities from 5kW to 4,000kW, with supply temperatures as close to a 3°C approach of the ‘dry’ bulb ambient temperature which can be ideal for various processes such as hydraulic motor, engine test cell, or furnace cooling.

The Air blast coolers are developed with energy efficiency and reliability in mind by utilising the latest heat exchange coil, fan and control technologies.

We can investigate and advise on the best solution for your application and can provide various orientations such as horizontal, vertical, V, or half V type to suit the location and further options such as control panels and pump/tank packages.

For more information, please call 01933 222000 or email us at enquiries@maziak.co.uk

Dry Air Coolers/Air Blast Coolers