Cooling Towers

Market leading evaporative technology solutions

Partnered with leading designers and manufacturers of cooling towers, Maziak can investigate and advise on the best solution for your application, whether it be an open or closed-circuit cooling tower design.

With the ability to achieve water supply temperatures as close to 3°C of the ‘wet’ bulb ambient temperature and a small equipment footprint, a cooling tower can sometimes be the best solution for your application.

This is achieved by the cooling water that is distributed over the fill pack of the cooling tower being brought into direct contact with the air that is drawn counterflow across the fill pack. As this occurs, a small amount of water is evaporated which further reduces the temperature of the rest of the water being recirculated through the cooling tower.

There are several uses for cooling towers, including industrial, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These industrial cooling solutions are frequently used since they operate quite cheaply and efficiently, especially when larger facilities are taken into account. Considering this, we frequently applied these cooling solutions to powerplants, chemical procession, steel mills and other manufacturing environments.

Cooling towers recirculate water that is exposed to the air and so depending upon your location, you may decide that a dry air cooler or adiabatic cooler is more suitable. We can advise

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Cooling Towers