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What is the purpose of a cooling tower?

Cooling towers are designed to remove excess heat from industrial processes and this is accomplished by heat from hot process water being transferred to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation. This process is important in order to maintain the optimal operating temperature for equipment and processes to run smoothly.


How do cooling towers work?

The most important component of a cooling tower is the fill pack. It is responsible for facilitating the exchange of heat between the water being cooled and the surrounding air. Consisting of an arrangement of vertically arranged sheets to create a large surface area for the water to spread, the fill pack surface area allows for contact between the water and air flowing through the tower. This creates the perfect conditions for evaporation to occur, by which the water gets cooled.

With the ability to achieve water supply temperatures as close to 3°C of the ‘wet’ bulb ambient temperature and a small equipment footprint, a cooling tower can sometimes be the best solution for your application.


Cooling Tower Applications

Since cooling towers are quite cheap and efficient to operate, they have several different uses including industrial, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Cooling towers make an effective cooling solution for a range of other environments such as powerplants, chemical procession, steel mills and data centres where large amounts of heat can be generated by servers and computer equipment.

Considering the suitability of cooling towers for a range of different industries, we frequently applied these cooling solutions to powerplants, chemical procession, steel mills and other manufacturing environments.


The Maziak Promise

We have partnered with leading designers and manufacturers of cooling towers to  investigate and advise on the best solution for your application, whether it be an open or closed-circuit cooling tower design.

Depending on your environment, you may decide that a dry air cooler or adiabatic cooler is better suited to your needs. Read about these cooling solutions on our site and we are always on hand to advise should you want extra information.

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Cooling Towers