A Technical Solution to a Sensitive Issue

The Challenge

Our client embarked on constructing a pilot plant to refine a groundbreaking technology aimed at enhancing the manufacturing of EV batteries. This process, shrouded in secrecy, involved intricate heat treatment procedures necessitating a steady supply of Compressed air, Nitrogen gas, and Hydrogen gas. The client emphasised the criticality of ultra-purity in these gases to prevent oxidation during heat treatment, specifying stringent requirements for oxygen content and working pressures.

The Solution

We proposed an Atlas Copco G7 tank-mounted air compressor to supply sufficient compressed air for the Nitrogen generator, with a surplus for general pneumatic and workshop applications. This compact, cost-effective solution was accompanied by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty and service plan provided by Maziak. For Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas generation, we meticulously sourced and installed equipment meeting the exacting specifications. Given the confined space where the gases were to be utilised, we implemented an Analox gas analyser with an Oxygen sensor to continuously monitor ambient conditions. This proactive measure ensured worker safety by triggering audible and visual alarms in the event of gas leakage, prompting immediate evacuation, or preventing entry.

The Result

The implementation of reliable equipment and a robust safety system facilitated the seamless execution of a highly technical and sensitive process. Workers could operate in close proximity to potentially hazardous gases with confidence, knowing that the integrity of the installation was safeguarded at all times.