Do you use nitrogen gas in your operation? If so let Maziak help you reap the enormous benefits of on-site generation.

You could drastically reduce your energy costs as energy bills continue to rise. On-site generation enables you to produce your total demand for nitrogen gas on YOUR premises under YOUR complete control and to the quality YOU require. Food grade nitrogen can also be used to replace CO2 in some cases, helping you mitigate CO2 shortages.

Call us to discuss your free feasibility study to asssess the high-level savings potential and ROI of on-site generation over your current Nitrogen gas supply method.  

You are in control

On site gas generation enables you to produce your total demand for nitrogen gas on YOUR premises under YOUR complete control. Quality and volume on demand.  As a result you can generate as much or as little nitrogen as needed.  The modular design of the NITROSourceTM system also means you can expand the system should your demand grow.   Plus nitrogen generation packages are available as capital purchase or for long term rental to suit your budgets and facilitate planning.

Positive contribution to the bottom line

When the true costs of traditionally sourced nitrogen are accounted for, gas generation is the most economical source of nitrogen as seen in the diagram above.  When you switch to gas generation, you can expect payback within 6 to 24 months, depending on your existing arrangements and consumption.  But you’re also making an investment in quality through uninterrupted supply, stable gas pressure, consistent flow and guaranteed purity.

Sustainable for the environment

Gas industry sources indicate that an air separation plant uses 1976kJ of electricity to produce 1kg of liquid nitrogen.  Generation of 99.9% nitrogen gas in house using a PSA system is 1420 kJ.  That means that up to 28% fewer greenhouse gases are created by the generation of electricity with a typical nitrogen generator.  At a purity of 98%, the energy required for in house nitrogen drops to 796 kJ/kg.  That means that in house generation creates 62% fewer greenhouse gases from electrical power at that purity.

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