5 Reasons To Choose A GA FLX Dual-Speed Compressor

5 Reasons To Choose A GA FLX Dual-Speed Compressor

There are a lot of reasons why the GA FLX is the talk of the air compressing industry. In this article we cover 5 of the most compelling reasons that should greatly sway you from deciding to stick with a fixed-speed compressor.


Increased Energy Savings

The air compression process consumes high amounts of energy, and this constitutes the majority of the overall cost associated with owning and operating a compressor. With a dual-speed compressor, the cost incurred through energy consumption can be reduced by approximately 20%. Over time, these savings can help businesses reach their sustainability goals within a shorter timeframe.

One of the ways in which the GA FLX helps with saving energy, is by providing a flexible pressure setting. We go into more detail about this below.

Flexible Pressure Setting

The GA FLX allows owners the freedom to select different pressures without compromising the airflow. Whether you need high pressure for pneumatic tools or lower pressure for the inflation of tyres, the flexible pressure setting means the GA FLX can perform to an optimal standard for any purpose. By optimising energy usage, you are preventing the compressor from being overworked and extending its lifespan, whilst reducing overall maintenance costs and minimising your environmental footprint. Which takes us onto our next point!

Smaller Environmental Footprint

With the GA FLX dual-speed compressor, you can ensure that pressure level for different applications is appropriate. This helps to minimise air waste and reduce overall electricity usage, which in turn decreases the proportion of greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with energy production. In addition to this, the longevity of the GA FLX means less disposal of equipment, the destruction of which would contribute to the emission of harmful gases.

There are many more customisation opportunities with the latest air compressor model as we describe in more detail below.

Customising Performance

The GA FLX can be tailored to suit its environment and help you achieve your operational goals. Customisation features include energy recovery, which functions by re-using the waste heat produced by the compressor, which in turn helps you save on energy costs. Other features include a tropical thermostat, which can help regulate the operation of the compressor based on ambient temperature conditions. For instance, excessive heat that is produced during operation can impact the performance of the compressor. A tropical thermostat  can adjust the operating temperature to prevent overheating in such a scenario.

Advanced Connectivity

One of the most exciting perks of investing in the GA FLX, is that you get to tap into the realm of connectivity. Powered by the state-of-the-art Elektronikon Touch operating system, there are a host of connectivity features available at the touch of your hand, such as remote monitoring and performance insights, built-in EQ central compressor control and OPC UA operational integration option all available using the SMARTLINK app.


If our five reasons have piqued your interest and you would like to learn some of the other ways that the GA FLX can benefit and support your operational goals, get in touch on our contact page and our experts will always be happy to help.


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5 Reasons To Choose A GA FLX Dual-Speed Compressor