Maziak Solution Reduces Costs for a World-Leading Technology Centre

The Challenge

During a visit to a world-leading technology centre, it was identified that the factory's air compression system was operating inefficiently. Despite having 2 Atlas Copco GA 5 VSD compressors with a combined output of 19.1L/sec, data logging revealed that these compressors were oversized for the actual air usage of the facility. The compressors were running at only 68% capacity in the 0-25% range, with 32% of the time they were stopped altogether. This inefficiency was particularly evident due to the low air usage, which averaged at 6L/sec.

The Solution

To address the inefficiency and optimise the air compression system, the solution involved replacing the oversized VSD compressors with smaller fixed-speed units tailored to the actual air demand of the facility. By downsizing the compressors to better match, the air usage, significant energy, and cost savings could be achieved. After careful analysis, it was determined that installing 2 Atlas Copco G4 Full Feature Tank Mounted units would be the most effective solution.

The Result

Following the installation of the smaller fixed-speed compressors, the technology centre experienced immediate benefits. The new compressors were precisely sized to meet the facility's air demand, resulting in optimal efficiency and reduced energy consumption. As a result, the centre was able to realise substantial cost savings, amounting to £3,465 per year, representing a remarkable 22.64% reduction in annual operating costs compared to the previous setup.

The successful implementation of the Atlas Copco G4 compressors not only resolved the inefficiencies in the air compression system but also positioned the technology centre for greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness in its operations. By leveraging appropriately sized compressors, the centre could now maintain a reliable air supply while maximising energy efficiency, ultimately enhancing its overall operational performance.