The Technology Behind The Dual-Speed GA FLX Air Compressor

With the GA FLX, Atlas Copco has introduced an entirely new rotary screw compressor type: the dual-speed compressor. It operates at two speeds, one for maximum capacity and a minimum speed to reduce energy consumption during unload. As a result, it is up to 20% more efficient than a traditional fixed-speed compressor. That is because it experiences much lower transient and unload losses. And thanks to its next-generation engineering, it also offers optimal air delivery at every pressure set point.

The GA FLX is a new contender to enter the field with a dual-speed compressor. It operates at two speeds to meet the demand for maximum capacity, and reduces energy consumption during the unloading process.

There are a lot of features that makes the GA FLX up to 20% more efficient than a traditional fixed-speed compressor. This article will cover these features in more depth to give a proper understanding of how this next-generation engineering has been achieved.


Drive train

The drive train is essentially the beating heart of the compressor. The GA FLX consists of a rotary screw element and a ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance motor. These features together meet the requirements of IEC IE5. In addition to impressive functionality, the drive train is protected from dust and dirt, it is oil-cooled to maximise efficiency, and the bearings are oil-lubricated. You won’t find any gears or belts within the drive train either, because one of our key aims is to eliminate transmission loss. Transmission loss occurs as a result of compressed air having to travel through various components of the system before reaching the final destination.


Electronic gearbox

The electronic gearbox is where all the speed modulation takes place. When air demand is lower, the gearbox allows for the speed of the compressor to be reduced down to a minimum. During times when air demand experiences fluctuations, it is beneficial for the compressor to unload in order to reduce energy consumption, and the electronic gearbox facilitates this process.

Users of the GA FLX have the flexibility to set the pressure between 4 and 13 bar with the Neos Next Electronic Gearbox. The system will ensure that the compressor will run at optimal speed for the selected pressure to provide the highest air flow possible, while reducing energy loss.


Customised dual-speed compressor performance

Following on from the flexibility offered by the electronic gearbox, the GA FLX offers a range of customisation options so that users can customise their compressor to match their specific needs, priorities and conditions.

These features include RsXD oil, filters and a tropical thermostat to help with the following things:

  • Prevent the GA FLX from overheating and regulate the temperature of oil to allow for effective lubrication
  • Remove contaminants from the intake air to ensure that compressed air is free of particulates and improves longevity of the compressor

The ultimate goal of including these features in the GA FLX is to help produce high-quality air which has been compressed under safe conditions. Another customisation option that is available is the integration of an energy recovery system, which will allow users of the GA FLX to recover up to 80% of the excess heat that it generates.


Advanced connectivity Options

The GA FLX comes with the state-of-the-art Elektronikon® controller. With a built-in SMARTLINK connectivity option, users can enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring, get compressor performance insights and EQ central compressor control.


Easy installation & service

Since the GA FLX is much smaller than a traditional compressor, it allows for a much easier installation process. The compressor takes up very little floorspace and comes with forklift slots to allow for easy manoeuvring. Lastly, the compressor comes with access panels that enable easy access during maintenance checks and servicing.

The GA FLX has been designed for optimal output with minimal energy consumption. If you have questions and would like to learn more about the GA FLX’s features and functionality, head to our contact page and get in touch with a member of team today and we’ll be happy to help.






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The Technology Behind The Dual-Speed GA FLX Air Compressor