Maziak enhances high-quality moulding company’s production

The Challenge

During a visit to a customer in the high-quality moulding sector for the Fenestration Industry, it was observed that their factory was grappling with outdated equipment. Specifically, their operations relied on the ageing Fluid Air RS45 and HPC ASD50SFC compressors. The RS45 was on the verge of a major breakdown, while the ASD50SFC was encountering issues with its VSD drive. This situation posed a significant challenge as the customer urgently needed a solution to ensure uninterrupted air supply, minimise energy consumption, and eliminate production losses resulting from the breakdowns.

The Solution

To address the customer's pressing needs, we proposed the installation of the Atlas Copco GA26VSD FF FM air compressor. This cutting-edge compressor not only offered enhanced efficiency but also had the capability to independently manage air demand, thereby ensuring a reliable air supply without any interruptions. Additionally, the GA26VSD FF FM compressor was designed to optimise energy usage, aligning perfectly with the customer's requirement to save on energy costs.

Upon securing approval from the customer, we proceeded with the supply, installation, and commissioning of the GA26VSD FF FM compressor. Our team worked meticulously to ensure seamless integration with the existing infrastructure and conducted thorough testing to verify performance and efficiency.

The Result

Following the implementation of the Atlas Copco GA26VSD FF FM compressor, the customer experienced a remarkable transformation in their air compression system. The GA26VSD FF FM efficiently met the factory's entire air demand, operating independently to deliver a consistent supply without any disruptions. Moreover, the advanced features of the compressor led to significant energy savings, fulfilling the customer's objective of reducing operational costs.

As a result of this upgrade, the HPC ASD50SFC compressor now serves as a backup during maintenance, while the outdated Fluid Air RS45 has been disposed of sustainably, eliminating the risk of future breakdowns and associated production losses. Overall, the successful implementation of the Atlas Copco compressor not only resolved the immediate challenges faced by the customer but also positioned their operations for enhanced reliability, efficiency, and sustainability in the long run.