A challenging pipework configuration and precision cooling

The Challenge

Founded as a tool making specialist for the manufacture of rubber sealing systems, GTI Corporation is one of the UK’s best known companies in its field, particularly within the automotive industry and latterly within other industrial sectors including plastics and steel.  Customers include several major premium-branded car manufacturers. 

Expansion has led to a new factory in Dunstable, requiring compressed air, pipework and a chiller.   Despite the factory being empty there were some significant challenges with 34m x 24m  block pillars every 6 metres and only 7 days to complete what would normally take up to a fortnight.

The Solution

Maziak installed 500 metres of c.a. (galvanised) pipework for compressed air and cooling water flow and return for presses and oiling machines in a heavily industrial area requiring robust equipment. 

Two 18.5kW compressors were installed – one VSD and one Fixed – to give GTI flexibility and increased energy efficiency.  They run the VSD and when demand increases the fixed speed becomes the base load with the VSD topping up.  Maziak also installed two Parker 
Hyperchill Laser industrial process chillers for precision cooling—both HLS029s.  One in the new factory and one within an existing plant to enable the existing chiller line to be split into two, to correct a performance error and improve operational efficiency.

Key features of the Hyperchill Lasers  include:

  • High consistency
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability

The Result

Maziaks completed this project in record time, delivering pipework, compressed air and chiller operations to match GTI’s state of the art new facility.  The efficiency improvements in the existing plant were also significant due to the installation of a second chiller, not least due to the quality of the Parker engineering.

GTI are now covered for their chillers in addition to their compressed air system via a Maziak Gold Service Contract.  

What they said

"Maziaks rose to the challenge of unconventional pipework configuration and a demanding timeframe. The quality of their work is excellent and we are delighted with the new equipment which plays a key role in our manufacturing process and which will help ensure that GTI continues to deliver a consistently high quality product to our customers in turn."

Squidley Singh, Maintenance Manager

A testimonial from Squidley Singh
A testimonial from Squidley Singh