Collaborative partnership ensures reliability and fosters trust

The Challenge

The Open University (OU) in Milton Keynes has been a key Maziak customer since 2008. Part of its mission states: “Through academic research, pedagogic innovation and collaborative partnership we seek to be a world leader in the design, content and delivery of supported open learning.” In pursuit of this, in the last seven years, the University has invested significantly in its infrastructure for research, increasing laboratory space at its Milton Keynes headquarters by nearly 50% to resemble a small town in itself. 

The key for the OU is reliability of equipment and as their trusted partner for compressed air, it falls to Maziak to deliver on this. With 14 air compressors—a mixture of piston and screw of varying brands and ages—this is a critical area.  

The Solution

Maziak offers a number of services, from the obvious servicing and maintenance of equipment to more advisory services such as support for  Pressure Systems Safety Regulation (PSSR) documentation and written schemes inspections.  

Here are some examples of how Maziak have worked proactively with the OU to upgrade equipment as needed whilst remaining compliant and improving efficiency.

  • As part of the site’s written schemes inspection, Maziak were asked to  produce a schematic drawing of the site’s compressed air system’s pipework to submit as part of its PSSR documentation, a significant project bearing in mind the 14 compressors situated across the sizeable complex. It took 4 full days to complete the survey.
  • 4 of the 14 compressors were upgraded to enhance reliability and upgrade technology—these included 2 HPC SK22Ts which offer quiet and dependable performance.
  • A Sepura oil water separator was installed for ultra-reliability and to ensure compliance with The Water Resources Act (1991).

The Result

Maziak’s values are ’Precision—Integrity—Progressive— Energetic—Smart’. It is these attributes that we strive to apply every day to support our customers and we are delighted that the OU has just renewed its service level agreement with Maziak for a further 3 years.  

What they said

"The Open University values trust, reliability and proactivity. Maziak has been delivering against all of this criteria since 2008."

Graham Hull, M&E Engineer Contracts & Regions

A testimonial from Graham Hull
A testimonial from Graham Hull