Be selective to reduce cost, improve safety and increase reliability

The Challenge

Corintech was founded in 1977 as a family-run electronics manufacturing business.  Operating globally, they pride themselves on their cutting edge, high quality and competitive PCB assembly services. The aerospace and defence industries make up a significant portion of their client base.  Other sectors they supply include medical, industrial, oil and gas, energy, automotive and more. The flexibility of their printed circuit board assembly services (including both small and large batch and fast turnaround options) means they are able to cater to a vast range of customers.

Corintech’s selective soldering system utilised high purity Nitrogen (N2) sourced from high pressure cylinders.  This source was high cost, time consuming and dangerous for employees to manually handle so they were looking for an alternative.

The Solution

Maziak were able to provide a gas generation solution with an attractive payback on investment and some considerable enhancements to their operation. We installed a MIDIGAS6NCALA Parker Nitrogen Generator rated @ 3.2 m3/h @ 6.7 barg, purity  > 99.99% (100ppm).  Existing spare air compressor capacity was utilised as the source for the nitrogen generator supply.  This supply is on site, on demand and high quality (the quality of the gas being generated is permanently displayed on LCD).

This solution is:

  • More cost effective than cylinder gas supply, whilst it also futureproofs the cost of Nitrogen supply over cylinder gas price uncontrollable increases / rentals / levies etc. Plus, all gas generated can be used, unlike cylinders that have a wastage level of 10% of unusable gas.
  • It is safer for staff as there is no manual handling of heavy high pressure cylinders required and no need for deliveries and offloading of cylinders.
  • More reliable, with no chance of running out of gas if cylinders are not changed regularly or not available when needed and no supervision of cylinder stock levels is required.

The Result

Not only is Corintech now benefitting from all of the elements listed above—reduced cost, improved safety and increased reliability, but the new system can deliver enough Nitrogen generation capacity for a future 2nd selective soldering machine at no extra cost.  This would not have been possible with their existing arrangements.

What they said

"Maziak’s nitrogen generating solution has ensured a continuous high purity supply of nitrogen to our selective soldering equipment. The installation works progressed seamlessly and we have had zero unplanned downtime since commissioning the generator. "

Jack Dayeh, Quality Manager

A testimonial from Jack Dayeh
A testimonial from Jack Dayeh