Safety solution also provides cost saving benefits and great ROI

The Challenge

The company provides highly specialised materials research and development services for the Automotive and Aerospace sectors. This involves very sophisticated methods of process control to apply heat or cooling to a variety of materials to improve production efficiencies and reduce cost. This is done using cutting edge technologies where businesses are required to push the boundaries of their process performance.

In this case, heavy (85kg) steel cylinders of high pressure (230Bar) Nitrogen gas were used and required regular manual handling to position them where needed in the factory. This posed a safety risk both to the staff handling them and those working near to them. In addition the gas cylinders needed re-connecting at high risk to the user each time they needed to be swapped over from nearly empty to full.  From a cost perspective, as it is not possible to empty cylinders to 0 Bar residual, there is always wasted gas that has been paid for and that is returned to the gas company with no compensation.

The Solution

A Nitrogen generator was quickly identified as a solution to the health and safety issues encountered by the site and Maziak’s specialist services were contracted to provide a specification and solution to meet the site’s needs.

A Parker NITROSource Compact model was chosen due to its high quality output, innate reliability, safe use and zero waste. This was installed in the compressor plantroom and connected to the gas system with the minimum of disruption and zero downtime.

The Result

Onsite generation has delivered a safer working environment for the site’s employees whilst providing high quality Nitrogen gas on demand, 24/7, with no wasted gas.  

What they said

"Maziak’s nitrogen generating solution has ensured a continuous high purity supply of nitrogen to our selective soldering equipment. The installation works progressed seamlessly and we have had zero unplanned downtime since commissioning the generator."

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A testimonial from