We've got the POWER to reduce nitrogen gas costs

The Challenge

With 2018 global sales of $21.6 billion, this giant of a power management company is known for protecting, operating and controlling assets in hazardous and harsh areas, especially suited for process industries. Products are used in all types of locations, both hazardous and general purpose. 

At their Luton plant, production involves a process called wave soldering—a large scale soldering process by which electronic components are soldered to a printed circuit board to form an electronic assembly.  With the significant increase in costs of solder manufacturing due to raw materials, electronics makers have looked for solutions that save cost by reducing the dross. One such method is the implementation of a wave soldering system using inert gas. The inert wave soldering system shows significant dross reduction and its wettability is better than conventional systems. 

The inert gas utilised is high purity Nitrogen (N2). The power management company who were buying in the gas in high pressure cylinders were looking for AN EVEN BETTER SOLUTION. Using nitrogen gas cylinders brings many disadvantages for workplace Health & Safety due to manual handling and the use of dangerous high pressure stored gas, along with logistical issues such as frequent deliveries, frequent procurement and uncertain delivery times.

The Solution

Maziak were able to provide a gas generation solution with an attractive payback on the investment. On-site generation offers multiple benefits, including:

  • The ability to generate nitrogen on demand is a more efficient option. There is no need to plan ahead to ensure bottles are delivered to the right place at the right time. 
  • On-site generation is also a much more cost effective solution. Maziak’s customer is no longer at the mercy of liquid nitrogen suppliers and fluctuating gas costs. 
  • Health & Safety issues relating to the handling and storage of N2 are no longer relevant. 

The Result

The Parker NITROsource generator delivers reliable High Purity nitrogen at the 50ppm (99.995%) specification needed, that is EIGA compliant and food and pharmaceutical safe. The equipment will operate reliably for many years supported by Maziak’s unique Gold level service agreement and the Parker NitroSource 5year warranty that ensures there are little or no variable costs. 

With a unique gas quality control system and remote monitoring, the customer is in full control of its nitrogen supply.  That means control of cost, reliability and quality. Exactly the solution they were looking for.