Hello (Salve) new N2 gas generation system, goodbye (addio) prohibitive costs

The Challenge

Valerio’s, part of the Carnevale business, have been manufacturing Italian cheese and meat in Bedford since 1966.  They have used N2 for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for over 20 years.  Also known as ‘gas flushing’, this is a simple process of flushing packaged foods with inert high purity nitrogen in order to reduce the oxygen level below 0.5%, which slows down aerobic decay and deterioration caused by oxidisation, and results in fresher food both in terms of taste and appearance. The use of nitrogen as a filler gas also provides a pressurised atmosphere that prevents packages from collapsing, and gives a smoother result than vacuum packaging.

Their Nitrogen gas generator was 20 years old and recognising the need to replace the equipment or find a different source for their nitrogen, they approached Maziak to give them alternatives to their existing provider. 

The Solution

The goals were to improve and optimise air compressor energy efficiency with the latest technology, reduce existing and future N2 costs and improve accessibility to energy data and the performance statistics of the N2 gas generation system.

This was achieved via the installation of an HPC SM13 fixed speed compressor with
ultra-premium efficiency IE4 motor and Sigma Controller; a Parker KMT-4 Desiccant Dryer and most importantly a Parker Midigas 6 N2 generation unit.  The features of this unit (pictured) include:

  • Can operate from a standard factory compressed air supply
  • Delivers 5% down to 10ppm oxygen content, without the need for any additional purification
  • Automatic economy mode
  • Built-in oxygen analyser for continuous purity monitoring
  • Digital and analogue outputs for remote monitoring
  • Alarm capabilities
  • User friendly control interface
  • Compact design
  • Modular concept

The Result

The system installed by Maziak has delivered significant advantages to Valerio’s

They have achieved major cost savings compared to their previous system, alongside the obvious benefits of having brand new, technically innovative equipment resulting in improved energy efficiency and reliability.  Also, compared to the option of sourcing N2 gas via bulk delivery and tank storage, this onsite N2 generation solution is over £10,000 per annum less

With a payback period of under 4 years, this equates to a hefty saving.