Sharp-eyed vision to overcome installation challenges

The Challenge

This customer has been “a pioneer in contact lens production” for many years. With over 1.5k employees and active in over 80 countries they aim to deliver safe contact lenses worldwide, placing the highest priority on eye health for their customers.

Maziak was asked to quote for a new compressor as they no back up unit and were experiencing breakdowns on their current compressor due to age. In addition, Maziak needed to overcome challenges due to limited access to install the equipment and space limitations within the compressor house.

The Solution

After much analysis and data logging it was clear that the site was using less air than expected making the case for the old HPC ASK35T compressor to be replaced by two new smaller HPC SK25T’s. This delivered energy and cost efficiencies alongside much needed back up in case of a breakdown and reduced down time during servicing. The smaller machines were also a better fit for the space limitations of the compressor house.

We still had the challenge of how we got the compressors to the compressor house due to the restricted access.  Maziak solved this using a specialist crane company to lift the old compressor out and the 2 new units in. Due to the size of crane required, in order not to inconvenience others with a road closure, this was done from the car park and carefully lifted around and over the building where the compressors were set in position and installed by Maziak’s engineers. Once this was complete, ducting was installed to expel air from the compressor room to avoid overheating during summer months.

The Result

The customer now has the piece of mind of a back up air supply should they need to call upon it. The setup of the compressors as master and slave means that neither compressor will have excessive run hours thus increasing the longevity of both compressors. All of this has delivered operational efficiencies and energy and cost savings.