Quality and Size matter - small but crucial role

The Challenge

The logistical challenges of keeping customers happy all over the UK led to an enormous new facility in Corby for a national provider of office supplies, technology and stationery.  Kitting out 528,000 ft2 of warehouse space is no mean feat.  This included around 30km of sprinkler pipework in the building.

The Solution

Maziak were commissioned to install the compressor system and associated pipework to run the Knapp conveyor system.

The main ring main consisted of 68mm Transair pipework with some 25mm pipework for specific applications.  Two new HPC CSD85 fixed speed compressors were installed and a Parker dryer PST220.  An existing compressor was also moved to the new facility—HPC BSD72 SFC variable speed drive—and an existing Sigma Air Controller to split the air load across the machines for maximum efficiency.

To install the pipework our engineers were working off tall scissor lifts at a height of 17.5 metres.  Maziak finished this work ahead of schedule allowing the Knapp install to take place early for testing. Maziak also recommended and installed ducting for energy efficiency with Winter/Summer louver vents.  This allows the system to expel hot air from the compressor outside during the summer and keep it within the building during winter to heat the factory.  This will help towards the operation’s ESOS rating in due course.

The Result

Maziak fulfilled their role within an extensive schedule of suppliers.  We exceeded expectations by completing the work ahead of schedule to open up a bigger testing window and added value by recommending energy saving ducting.