High street retailer chooses Maziak for major project works

The Challenge

On the site of an old power station at Castle Donington, Marks & Spencer contracted the building of a brand new 900,000ft² warehouse for the East Midland area. The site will also be a road/rail freight terminal with a new direct link to the national rail network. The building rises to 28m at its tallest point and accommodates office space alongside the warehouse operation. The warehouse contains a great deal of automation for storage and conveyors and the challenge was to provide an extensive compressed air network to deliver the pneumatic power required over three chambers and five floors.

The Solution

Maziaks worked with consultants and contractors to fine tune the design of the compressed air network and proposed the installation of three off 90kW variable speed HPC screw compressors plus ancillary equipment,  all of the highest quality in terms of build, with unrivalled energy efficiency and superb reliability.  

The system is controlled centrally using HPC’s new Sigma Air Manager.  

This is a 3D, dynamic and intelligent panel that will maximise the compressors’ energy efficiency by collecting system data and generating alarms from all items of the compressed air plant. The site can access all of this information in real-time from an inbuilt web server.

Maziaks also installed a 2.4km compressed air distribution system using 100mm Parker Transair aluminium tube.  This was selected for its light weight, quick install, low pressure drop and high flow rate properties.  

The whole system was installed over a six month period, with final commissioning taking place two months later.  Maziaks provided temporary air for the majority of the project to enable interim machine testing and ongoing commissioning of conveyors, largely by using the installed air system as the works progressed.

Maziaks will continue to support the system with HPC’s unique 60 month all-encompassing “No Quibble” warranty.  This is a preventive 
maintenance service agreement which includes 24/7 emergency call out with guaranteed response time.

The Result

Maziaks have installed a “state of the art” compressed air system using the very best equipment, infrastructure and technology available. The site will benefit from many years of energy efficient, reliable service from this system with capacity for future expansion of the compressed air demand as more automation is added over time.