Lightweight Containers—PET keg production expands into the UK

The Challenge

Lightweight Containers BV is the founder of the innovative KeyKeg and UniKeg One-Way Kegs, the most advanced plastic kegs in the world, used for high quality specialist beverages.  Sustainability is at the core of the product.  They consist of over 30% recycled materials and the circular design of the KeyKeg makes it possible for 81% of each one to be re-used for a new KeyKeg.  With the goal of reducing transport costs and impact on the environment, they have expanded the manufacturing of kegs into the UK to serve the UK market.

Maziak’s core values and previous PET blow moulding experience at major blue-chip companies (Britvic and Princes) made us an attractive partner to deliver the compressed air system and deal with the complexity of the works required. 

The Solution

Based on the high pressure requirement for PET blow moulding, Maziak made detailed calculations to provide the most energy efficient and food grade compliant solution for this application.  This included six compressors as follows:

  • For the PET process: 2 x HPC Kaeser DSD205S-FG 110kw 13 bar variable speed screw compressors to feed 2 x 40 bar reciprocating boosters (HPC Kaeser DN37C-HP 37kw).  
  • Plus 2 x HPC Kaeser ASD50TSFC-FG 25kw 8.5 bar variable speed screw machines to deliver all of the other compressor pneumatics jobs across the factory.  

All of the compressors are designed to run with ‘Food Grade’ lubricants. The compressed air quality at exit from the plant room will also continuously meet Class 2.4.2 as measured by ISO8573.1:2010. The PET blow moulders have additional integral filtration to guarantee ‘Food Quality’ compressed air (i.e. for ‘indirect’ contact with food products or in the manufacture of food packaging especially when used in conjunction with Food Grade lubricants).

Pipework for the system consists of a mix of Parker Transair Pipework for 8 Bar and 12 Bar compressed air and welded stainless steel pipework for the 40 Bar compressed air.   Oil Water Separators provide environmental protection and the Written Scheme of Examination ensures compliance to PSSR 2000 regulations.

The Result

A compressed air system was delivered in line with the most stringent of expectations: high quality equipment; high quality service and high reliability. 

What they said

"We worked together with Maziak on the installation of high end compressor solutions. They completed the job in the scheduled time and we are very satisfied with the installation, delivered work and the support they have offered"

Martin Vaars, Senior Business Creator bij KeyKeg

A testimonial from Martin Vaars
A testimonial from Martin Vaars