Taking the heat out of laboratory glove boxes

The Challenge

Our customer is at the cutting edge of research and development within their industry.  One of their laboratory test environments had five glove box units requiring an inert atmosphere, achieved with nitrogen gas, at  15°C or below all year around.

Their nitrogen gas supply began rising as far as 35°C in the summer months and they needed an urgent solution.

The Solution

To rectify the situation, Maziak supplied and installed a packaged air-cooled chiller with integral pump and tank and a separate brazed plate heat exchanger, as shown in the diagram below.

The chiller supplies chilled water to a heat exchanger. Nitrogen passes through the other side of the heat exchanger and is cooled via the chilled water.

The Result

Maziak’s credentials ensured that the installation was completed following the strict site guidelines, with minimal intrusion and downtime.  The customer now has the peace of mind that they can conduct their tests with a nitrogen gas supply at or below 15°C.