Bottling and Canning Low Cost Nitrogen Gas in Devon

The Challenge

Bottled and Canned are specialist contract packers for drinks and condiments working with start-ups and established mainstream brands. A major focus for them is their in-house technical management capabilities through an on-site laboratory holding specialist certifications for full industry compliance.

All Breweries need to use CO2 for carbonation (it’s what makes the fizz) for products that need it, such as Bright Beers (lagers). As a ready supply of inert gas the CO2 is then used for many other applications such as Tanker Offloading, Tank Blanketing, Pipe Purging, Canning Lines, Bottling Lines and Kegging Lines.

Bottled and Canned found that their use of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide gas was increasing, and the costs were spiralling out of control. In recent times the traditional supply of these gases have been in short supply and in most cases have doubled in price in just a few months.

Fortunately, N2 can be used for many of these applications, saving breweries huge amounts of money and keeping their precious CO2 for the applications that N2 cannot replace.

They contacted Maziak to help them find a cost effective source of Nitrogen gas.

The Solution

Maziak proposed an on-site Nitrogen gas generation system comprising a Parker NITROsource gas generator delivering Food Grade Nitrogen gas. This in turn feeds into a storage tank with a ready to use and regulated supply at the required working pressure.

The whole package was installed, mechanically and electrically connected, and commissioned by Maziak engineers.  Driven by an ultra reliable HPC compressor plant and backed by a Maziak service plan all this equipment is covered for 5 years with comprehensive warranty cover provided free of charge.

The complete assembly is fully Food Grade compliant and was provided with EIGA Food Quality Validation and Certification.

The Result

All of Bottled and Canned’s desired outcomes were comprehensively met and the package is now fully operational 24/7 for the site to use whenever required.

  1. Long term cost control with on site nitrogen gas generation

  2. No more delivery vehicles and time and effort saved managing them

  3. No more manual handling of dangerous high pressure gas cylinders or connecting and un-connecting pipes

  4. Continuous availability of supply with on-demand High Purity Nitrogen gas 24/7 whenever they need it