Concealed compressor and pristine pipework

The Challenge

The British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire required a new facility to maintain and exhibit their reserve collection. Working with building services company Briggs & Forrester, who managed the project, Maziak were briefed on the requirements. The main focus of the project was to provide compressed air facilities, to hide pipework and to create asolution for locating the compressor in a convenient but 
unobtrusive way.

The Solution

After discussing a number of options, Maziak recommended a separate compressor house to be built outside the facility (air box) to resolve the location issue.  To accommodate the pipework specification, it was suggested that grey Transair pipework would blend in well with the décor.

The pipework included a 40mm ring main with 25mm drops, all with valved connectors and quick release safety coupling on a double isolated drop.  This allows for flexible maintenance and repairs as needed.

The airbox containing an HPC  SK25T powers up to 5 vehicle lifts and runs the tools for the vehicle maintenance.  The benefits of the air box include:

  • Self contained unit—key in the case of this museum 
  • environment.  For service and repairs, Maziak engineers can visit site without disturbing the museum itself.
  • Install time on site is minimized.  The box is built at the Maziak factory and can be installed at the customer site within a short timeframe.
  • Mobility—the box can be moved if future requirements dictate  and the unit does not require planning permission.  

The Result

The British Motor Museum was provided with a bespoke solution to two particular issues, maximizing space and delivering an aesthetic finish sympathetic to the needs of a museum showroom.   The installation was completed efficiently and professionally, meeting the high standards expected by Briggs & Forrester and with the flexibility to cater for adhoc alterations to the specifications as needed on site.

What they said

"We’ve been very impressed with the professionalism and quick reactions of the team throughout the project, and to our last minute requirements. Maziak has done a great job on the installation and we look forward to working with them again soon."

Mike Lavender, Project Manager, Briggs & Forrester

A testimonial from Mike Lavender
A testimonial from Mike Lavender