N2 Airbox Replaces Bulk Storage & Eases Expansion

The Challenge

Dairy Crest is the UK’s leading chilled dairy foods company. They manufacture a range of everyday dairy brands including the award-winning Cathedral City cheddar. Production at the Frome site requires significant volumes of nitrogen and the customer was looking for an alternative to purchasing liquid Nitrogen from a supplier, due to costs and delivery reliability.

The Solution

Information gathered during a Maziak site visit, combined with our partnership with the UK’s leading manufacturer of nitrogen generation machinery enabled us to recommend and deliver a complete Nitrogen Generator Packaged solution.

A state of the art Nitrogen Generator was installed into a bespoke container (Airbox) which allows for a constant supply of Nitrogen, 24 hrs a day, 365 days per year, at 99.95% purity as required by the customer.

The system was driven by one new 11kW compressor along with a dryer and air treatment package and gives a round the clock variable compressed air delivery of between 0 and 60cfm.

The package was built in Maziaks’ workshop and contains all air treatment, air storage, nitrogen storage, ventilation, heating and even its own local distribution board—a complete plug and play solution. This meant an installation time onsite of only 8 hrs.

The Result

This Nitrogen container achieved payback in its first year and since then Dairycrest’s nitrogen costs have decreased by a massive 90%. This solution has also cut the time and effort required to manage their Nitrogen supply.

What they said

"The switch to self generation of nitrogen at our Frome site has had extremely positive results for Dairycrest. We have significantly reduced our nitrogen costs, with a very short payback period and are no longer subject to price fluctuations in the market. We now also have complete control of our nitrogen supply."

Chris Lowe, Engineering Manager

A testimonial from Chris Lowe
A testimonial from Chris Lowe