Shedding an old system for many advantages

The Challenge

J&K Glass and Glazing are one of the largest window manufacturers in the East of England, supplying UPVC doors, windows and conservatories all over the UK. They have been trading for over 30 years.

Their compressor system, which consisted of an old Sulair BDS-11kW compressor, supplemented with the 250 litre receiver tank of an old piston compressor, was no longer fit for purpose. They had started to experience water and contaminants in the air lines, had no filtration, and the compressor was stored in a wooden  shed with limited ventilation and a weak and damp  floor.  J&K Glass and Glazing asked Maziak to find the most efficient, cost effective and future proof compressor solution, using the existing shed.

The Solution

Maziak recommended an HPC AIRCENTER 22-8 Bar (11kW).  These premium compressed air stations offer the following advantages:

  • Space-saving integrated solution: Compressor, refrigerant dryer and air receiver take just one square metre with this system.
  • Protection from corrosion damage: Thanks to the integrated refrigerant dryer, the system delivers high air quality and protects equipment from
  • corrosion damage.
  • Fast installation: Simply connect this compact compressed air package to the power supply and compressed air distribution network. Compared to a conventional air station, major piping and installation work is avoided.

We also added a Parker AA filter to help take any contaminants out of the airline. Filtering down to 0.01 Micron this removes any particulates and debris that could cause blockages or erosion.  Plus we installed a Sterling CS75 oil/water separator and a Tec22 drain to help drain any excess water from the receiver tank.

Although the new configuration would save space, it would weigh more, therefore, prior to installation, J&K reinforced the floor.  Ventilation was added post installation in the gable of the shed for hot air to disperse.

The Result

The new AIRCENTER 22 gives J&K 2.00 m³/min compared to 1.68 m³/min from the old system.  This meets their current operational needs with room for future growth. J&K are happy with the set up in the shed that is now practical and safe with plenty of space for servicing and maintaining the equipment. Plus, operational performance is enhanced through the filter, separator and drain which will all prolong the life of the production machinery.