What is an air leak survey and how do they work?

What is an air leak survey?

Leakages within your system results in a loss of revenue overall and a reduction in productivity of your system. The Maziak Air Mis-Use and Leak Detection survey looks to identify these gaps within your system, working to recognise areas that need to be optimised in order to prevent such loss.

How do air leak surveys work?

Air leak surveys from Maziak use a SONAPHONE ultrasonic testing device that uses cutting-edge technology to detect leaks and partial discharges. This system is able to determine the volume of air lost, ensuring a clear and accurate idea of the situation your air compressor system is in. The device is highly precise and able to access hard to reach places within the pipework system. As compressed air moves from one place to another, it creates a flow, which the ultrasound device is able to pick up on, and sound according to how large the leak is.

Once the air leak survey is completed, a full analysis that reports on the results enables you to prioritise fixes and understand the cost of the repairs as well as the proposed benefits from undertaking such remedies.

Why should I undertake an air leak survey?

Financial gains

On average, up to 30% of the compressed air your system generates will be lost through your generation system. When your compressed air accounts for about 10% of all energy used in manufacturing, checking your system is as well optimised as it should be is vital in saving you money. Regular air leak maintenance ensures longevity, recognising problems before they become a major issue. For a short-term cost, an air leak survey creates long-term financial gain.

Optimised system

An air leak survey works to optimise your compressed air system, ensuring leaks are quickly identified and remedied. Many sites have been able to switch off some of their compressors and work from less due to the increased energy and air savings they have made from an air leak survey.

Easily undertaken

One of the main benefits of undertaking an air leak survey with Maziak is that the survey is completely non-invasive. At no point is your system required to shut down, meaning production is not halted in any way. Due to this, Maziak air leak surveys can be conducted during normal working hours, ensuring no additional time is spent than is necessary arranging the survey.

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What is an air leak survey and how do they work?