Summer is finally here...time to prepare your chiller

Summer has been a bit hit and miss this year, but it seems ready to stick around for a while now which means it is the optimal time to prepare your chiller for the warmer months.

As enjoyable as warm weather might be for us, it can pose certain challenges for your chiller unless the necessary actions needed to ensure proper function and efficiency are taken. In this article, we cover some of the steps you can take to safeguard your chiller’s performance during summer.


Clean your condensers

Due to the increase in cooling demand during warmer months, chillers consume more energy in order to meet this demand. If condensers are not cleaned regularly, the build-up of dirt can force chillers to work harder which will also contribute to higher energy consumption. Making sure your condensers are clean is a simple step you can take to decrease energy consumption over summer.

Monitor for leaks

It is important to keep vigilant of potential chiller leaks all year round, but during warmer months there are added consequences to letting leaks go undetected.

A leak reduces the amount of refrigerant available for the cooling process, which in turn will diminish the chiller’s ability to meet the demand and cool effectively.

Get an up-to-date service on your chiller

The importance of getting an up-to-date service should not be undermined because it is an important step to have in place in order to enhance efficiency and guarantee optimal cooling during the summer months when it is most needed.

Maintenance of cooling towers

Make sure to check your cooling tower water level to ensure that efficient heat rejection takes place efficiently and that evaporative cooling can take place. Proper management of cooling towers is crucial for the effective performance of your chiller during the summer months when it is most needed.

It is also worth regularly testing and treating water in the cooling tower to prevent any scaling and biological growth.

We hope this article has provided you with some helpful insights into the steps you can take to protect your chiller this summer, if you would like further information get in touch with us today at or call us at 01933 222000.

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Summer is finally here...time to prepare your chiller