Reap the rewards of nitrogen generation with Maziak & Parker!

Why Parker?

Parker's nitrogen generation systems continuously produce high purity nitrogen from compressed air and eliminate the inconvenience of a delivered nitrogen supply. Installation is simple: pipe in compressed air and pipe out nitrogen. Just connect a standard compressed air line to the inlet of the generator, connect the outlet to your nitrogen line and the unit is ready for trouble-free operation. The system is designed to operate 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Standard features include high efficiency coalescing prefilters with automatic drains, activated carbon adsorption (when required), nitrogen storage tank and a 0.01 micron final membrane filter. There is also a range of oxygen monitors to measure the oxygen concentration of the nitrogen stream to meet your application requirements.


Your onsite nitrogen generation system can be installed to best suit your operation and depending on the application - free-standing, housed in a cabinet or skid mounted (see below left to right respectively).

Here's some feedback from one of our satisfied customers: “Maziak's ability to handle the scale of the project was impressive, and even more so is the fact that we hope to achieve payback 12 months from installation and will reduce our annual N2 costs by over 75%.”

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Reap the rewards of nitrogen generation with Maziak & Parker!